GoodyBurrett are proud to be working as one of the Legal Partners to the Free Wills Month campaign again this year.

Free Wills Month brings together groups of well-loved charities and offers the public the chance to have their simple Wills written for free.

Some well-known charities rely on legacies that people very kindly leave in their Will, for up to half of their income.

As such the fundraising that is done, is vital so that the charities have the ability to keep running and to keep providing and improving the services that are so vital to the communities they serve.

A gift in your Will to a charity will make a huge difference to your chosen charity for years to come.

An amazing £???????? of future income was raised last year through the Free Wills Month Scheme.

In addition to the meaningful difference your gift will make, during “Free Wills Month” in March, the cost of having a simple Will drawn up is free in order that we can support you to support your chosen charity.

Slots for Free Wills Month always fill up fast, so we advise you to contact us without delay once the scheme has opened on Friday 1st of March. Participants must be over 55 or if taking out mirror Wills one party must be over 55.

Our Solicitors will work with you to make the process as straight forward as possible and can take you through all the options regarding the best way for you to remember your chosen Charity in your Will.

To book your appointment, please call 01206 577676 on Friday 1st March. We look forward to your support.

For more information

Contact us on 01206 577676 or you can email [email protected]