Residential Property

Our team can advise on all aspects of residential conveyancing whether it is buying, selling, transfer of equity, remortgaging or a boundary query


Property Transactions

We at GoodyBurrett LLP offer a bespoke service and can attend to matters outside a ‘straightforward’ purchase or sale. We can work with you on:

Transfer of Equity

If you have been left a house in a will or want to transfer it to a child or spouse let us help put it in the right name


We can help you redeem and existing mortgage and put a new one on your property with minimum fuss keeping you fully informed throughout


Boundary Disputes

If you have a query over where your land ends (or should end) give us a call…


Extending a leasehold

This can be a complicated process, but we will walk you through it step by step

Agricultural land

If you need assistance with agricultural tenancies or options for development we’d be happy to assist


First registrations

You can look to register your land voluntarily or on transfer


Landlord & tenants

We can help to draft a tenancy agreement or assist with notices to remove a tricky tenant

Conveyancing Process

What is conveyancing and what exactly is involved?

Buying a Property?

Our friendly and highly experienced team always takes a very proactive approach ensuring completion and registration take place effectively and swiftly.

Here at GoodyBurrett LLP we understand just how important dealing in property is for you. It is the most expensive purchase you will ever make and it is your home.

Whether you’re a first time buyer or building up a portfolio your purchase is important.

We deal with a variety of matters including the following:

  • Freehold;
  • Leasehold;
  • Joint Ownership;
  • Unregistered;
  • Probate sales.

We are approved to work with a wide range of lenders and are CQS accredited, which is a the Conveyancing Quality Scheme run by the Law Society.

In April 2016 the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) scheme rues changed.  This means that anyone who is buying additional property (i.e. in addition to their main residence) must pay a higher rate of tax.

The scheme rules are still fairly new and incredibly complex so please be on notice of this additional fee (3% above the previous threshold) if you own property, including houses abroad.


Whether you are selling a farm with extensive land, or a town centre flat we are more than happy to assist. Please get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like a quote.

Our team at GoodyBurrett is dedicated to making your experience of selling a property as smooth and stress free as possible by taking you comprehensively through the transactions one step at a time.



When you’re buying or selling a property we understand that costs can mount up quickly. We appreciate you want a good price for the service you’re given with all the extras included. We try and provide a quote which is “all in”. You’ll be given the overall cost and how it breaks down.

However, sometimes there will be further work to attend to which couldn’t have been foreseen. If this happens we will let you know straight away.

For a quote for your transaction please call us on 01206 577676 or email

Conveyancing Quality Scheme

For a quote for your transaction

please call us on 01206 577676 or email