The Building Safety Act 2022 – Everything you need to know

The Building Safety Act 2022 – Everything you need to know

The Building Safety Act 2022 recognises the challenges and concerns faced by leaseholders in relation to building safety issues.  It introduced several provisions to protect the rights and interests of leaseholders, particularly those living in high-rise buildings. Here are some ways in which the act safeguards leaseholders:


  1. Remediation of Unsafe Cladding: The act places responsibility on building owners to address unsafe cladding on high-rise residential buildings. It establishes a new Building Safety Fund to provide financial support for the removal and replacement of dangerous cladding, ensuring that leaseholders are not burdened with the costs of remediation
  2. Duty of Care: The act imposes a duty of care on building owners and those responsible for building safety This means that they must ensure that buildings are constructed, maintained, and operated in a way that is safe for residents and visitors .Leaseholders can rely on this duty of care to hold accountable those responsible for any breaches of safety standards
  3. Access to Information: The act requires building owners to maintain a comprehensive record of building safety information, known as the “golden thread.” This includes details about the building’s construction, maintenance, and any fire safety measures. Leaseholders have the right to access this information, enabling them to understand the safety measures in place and raise any concerns
  4. Building Safety Charges: The act addresses the issue of unfair and excessive building safety charges imposed on leaseholder. It introduces regulations to ensure that costs related to building safety measures are reasonable, transparent and proportionate
  5. Redress Mechanisms: The act establishes a new Building Safety Regulator that will oversee the implementation and enforcement of building safety standards. This regulator will have the power to investigate complaints, enforce compliance, and take action against those responsible for any failures in building safety.


Overall, the Building Safety Act 2022 aims to protect leaseholders by ensuring that buildings are safe providing financial support for remediation, improving access to information and establishing mechanisms for redress in case of safety concerns or non-compliance.

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