When a client mentions to  you that he sold the London Bridge to the Americans you probably suggest he seeks advice elsewhere…maybe from his GP?

When he presents you with granite from the bridge as a thank you for your advice; your attitude changes.

When chainsaw magnate Robert McCulloch announced he had bought   the 140-year old London Bridge and was re-building it in the Arizona desert at LAKE HAVASU  the World  laughed

Nobody laughs anymore.

The London Bridge which had been built in 1831was sinking into the clay of The Thames. It was the victim of its own immense weight.

 McCulloch and a friend purchased the falling down bridge for $2.4 million. At the time, in the late sixties, it was the highest price ever paid for an antique.

For the next three years, workers disassembled the bridge in London, then flew it brick  by brick to America where they were hauled to then-tiny Lake Havasu City and reassembled over a newly dug out lagoon alongside Lake Havasu. The bridge reopened 1971.

It wasn’t long before tourists started showing up, and pretty soon, thanks to McCulloch and his bridge, the town prospered, partly from all the money local Estate Agents (including McCulloch’s) were making from visitors who came to see the bridge then bought homes to stay.

Nowadays, the London Bridge is one of Arizona’s biggest attractions. Lake Havasu City has golf courses, affordable homes and a winter population of retired folks in Winnebagos

For entertainment visitors    tune into the local Arizona radio station KBBC, identified on the air as “BBC radio.”

GoodyBurrett LLP did not act on the sale but were delighted to act for the man who had. We still have our piece of history and we remind ourselves that our clients are never crazy.


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