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Notary Public

At GoodyBurrett we are pleased to be able to offer you the services of a Notary Public, David Cammack, for when you have matters you are dealing with abroad, such as if you are:

  • buying or selling foreign property;
  • emigrating;
  • applying for work visas abroad;
  • getting married abroad;
  • needing certified copies of your ID for use with foreign banks, etc;
  • applying to have your UK degree certificate or other qualifications recognised abroad;
  • involved in disputes abroad, whether relating to property or otherwise;
  • entitled to receive an inheritance where all or part of it is abroad;
  • needing a legal opinion on UK law for use abroad; or
  • arranging to adopt a foreign child.

David Cammack is an experienced Notary Public, having qualified in 2004, and holding a Diploma in Notarial Practice from the University of Cambridge. David can act as a notary in relation to matters that concern any country abroad. Normally you will use a lawyer in the relevant foreign country to draft the document you need to sign and then you will arrange to see David to have it witnessed.

If you need to sign a document, then you will need to appear in person and sign the document in front of David. Please do not sign documents in advance. If additional witnesses are needed, David and Goody Burrett can provide these at no extra cost.

Proof of your identity

To see a notary, you will need to produce original evidence of identity, both photographic and of your home address. This is a legal requirement of the notary process. This normally comprises:

  • photograph: generally passport or driving licence; and
  • home address: generally driving licence, utility bill (prints of online bills are acceptable), bank statement (prints of online bank statements are acceptable) or council tax bill.

Urgent? No problem

If the matter is urgent, as is often the case, let David know. He can normally see you very quickly. If it is needed, the legalisation process does take a few days, but there is a quicker option if you need it that costs only a little more.

Appointments and working hours

If you have an enquiry, would like a quote or would like to make an appointment, please call David on 07909 564799. All appointments have to be pre-booked, but are available on short notice.

David’s working hours are:

  • 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday in Colchester; or
  • 9:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Saturday in Hadleigh, Suffolk.

Translation of foreign documents for signing

Where the document you are to sign is only in a foreign language, it will need to be properly translated into English, so David can be sure you and he understand what it is that you are signing. This is a legal requirement of the notary process. Many foreign lawyers will draw up documents for you in English or in dual languages, which is helpful.

Where translation is needed, David recommends Priory Translations in Colchester. They provide a quote in advance of each job and usually take 1 week to provide the translation.

Certified copies for use abroad

If you need certified copy documents produced for use abroad, then if you have the original document, he can produce a notarised, certified copy for you. For the following they are subject to Crown Copyright and it is not legal to produce photocopies or certified copies:

  • British birth certificates;
  • British marriage certificates; or
  • British death certificates.

For these certificates, you simply have to use one of the certified copies you have from the Registry Office. (If you need replacements / spares you can always order fresh ones from the local registry office where they were originally produced or from the General Registry Office online.)

Certified copies of UK qualification certificates

For UK qualifications, David will need to verify the issue of them with the body that issued them, e.g. a UK university. This is a legal requirement of the notary process. This is often possible online and usually quick. Sometimes it takes longer. GCSE qualifications often take a month for verification. There is usually a small extra charge from the issuing bodies for verification. Some documents cannot be verified online such as teaching status or GMC doctor’s registration status. If verification is not possible, David will add a note saying that he was unable to verify the original.

He is generally available on short notice and at flexible hours from either our Colchester office or his home office in Hadleigh, Suffolk. At extra cost, he can do a home or workplace visit when necessary.

Legalisation and other related services

He can arrange for the following additional related services for you, at cost:

  • translation of foreign documents;
  • tracked and/or signed for post or courier abroad (via DHL);
  • verification of your qualifications (where needed);
  • “legalisation”, i.e. obtaining the FCO Apostille stamp (where needed – this depends on the country it is for); and
  • “legalisation”, obtaining an Embassy stamp (where needed).

David Cammack

Solicitor and Notary Public, Colchester

David is a qualified solicitor and notary public. David qualified as a solicitor in 1995, as a notary in 2004 and was a partner in Birkett Long until 2015 when he left to found the Internet legal business, Legalo. David now divides his time between managing Legalo and advising clients of GoodyBurrett as a solicitor-consultant

“It really means a lot to us to have someone we like and can trust backing us up in the way you do”

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