Helping our Elderly Neighbours and Relatives Through Winter

According to Age UK, every Winter one older person dies every 7 minutes due to weather related circumstances. As a Dementia Friend and Elderly Client Specialist Solicitor, I have put together a top tips list to assist you in making sure your elderly relatives and neighbours are safe during winter.

  1. Keep an eye on the room temperature of the main sitting room and the bedroom – If body temperature drops lower than 35 degrees, hypothermia can set in. Popping in regularly, to say a quick hello can let you check the indoor temperature of the house. If left untreated, hypothermia can shut down the body and it is one of the main causes of excess winter deaths in the elderly.
  2. Check smoke alarms are working.
  3. Check that your loved one or neighbour is dressed appropriately for winter – Sometimes people with Dementia do not understand that they should wear different clothing depending on the weather. They may perhaps attempt to go out without a coat or wearing inappropriate footwear. You should think about packing away their summer clothing and making sure their winter clothing, appropriate footwear and warm coat is always out and to hand.
  4. Offer a hot meal if you can – If you are cooking for yourself and your family, perhaps you could make an extra potion and deliver it to an elderly neighbour who may be on their own. Or maybe you could pop in and make them a hot drink before bed.
  5. Talk to them about layering clothing to help keep them warmer.
  6. Keep an eye out for illnesses and know when to seek help. Also make sure they have sufficient medical supplies at home.
  7. Put salt down on their icy paths to avoid slipping over – if you see they have had a fall, don’t try and lift them up as they may have broken bones. Make them as comfortable as possible, stay with them, and call help.
  8. Leave your contact number in an obvious place so that they can call you for help should they need to.

During the winter months when it is darker, and the weather is characteristically miserable, it is more important that even, to engage with our elderly community to help them fight off the winter blues.

We hope that our helpful blog has given you the hints and tips you need to feel well equipped to support your elderly relatives, loved ones and neighbours through the winter.

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