How can we help our Elderly Neighbours and Relatives through this Summer Heatwave?

Helping our Elderly Neighbours and Relatives Through this Summer Heatwave 
This current heatwave we are all experiencing in the UK can affect anyone, but some people run a greater risk of serious harm, such as older people over the age of 75. We recently prepared a blog last year that provided advice on how to help your elderly neighbours and relatives throughout winter, but it is just as important to consider them during these summer months. 
Our Private Client Team here specialise in Elderly Client and have put together a top list to assist you in making sure your elderly loved ones are safe during this heatwave: 
1. If a heatwave is forecast, make sure they avoid going out in the hottest part of the day (11am-3pm) and ensure they avoid any strenuous outdoor activity.
2. If they must go out, advise them to wear loose fitting clothing and a hat, to stay in the shade, and take plenty of water. 
3. If they can stay indoors, then they should keep windows closed when the room is cooler than outside and use blinds or light-coloured curtains. Windows at night can be opened when the temperature has dropped. 
4. Leave your contact number in an obvious place so that they can call you for help should they need to.
5. Encourage them to drink regularly even if they do not feel thirsty – water or fruit juices are best. 
6. Keep an eye out for illnesses and know when to seek help. Watch out for signs of dehydration – confusion, cramps, dark urine and feeling weak. They don’t have to feel thirsty to be dehydrated
7. Check how they are storing their medication when it gets particularly hot. Most should be kept below 25 degrees so it may be best to keep them in the fridge. Seek a pharmacist or GP’s advice. 
8. Most importantly, contact a GP, pharmacist or NHS Direct if you do have any concerns about their health during a heatwave, especially if they are also on medication. 
During this summer heatwave, it is even more important to engage with our elderly community during these unusual weather forecasts. 
We hope that our helpful blog has given you the hints and tips you need to feel well equipped to support your elderly relatives, loved ones and neighbours throughout these summer months.
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