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Partnership agreements

With years of experience at GoodyBurrett LLP, our specialist lawyers can advise you on, and assist you with, all legal aspects of partnerships and partnership law.

The services we offer about Partnerships include:

  • New Partnership Agreements
  • Advising on specialist partnerships, e.g. Doctors
  • Reviewing and amending existing partnership agreements
  • Sale of the business
  • Partnership disputes
  • Resignation of partners
  • New partners joining the partnership
  • Expelling a partner
  • Advising on the law relating to partnerships and the rights and duties of partners

Partnership Agreements Drawing up a partnership agreement to protect the interests of each partner as well as the partnership. This agreement will include matters such as how profits and losses are to be accounted for and distributed, and the degree of involvement by each partner in the management and day-to-day operations of the partnership. It will also cover what happens when partners disagree, fall out, retire or resign, or when there is a need to expel a partner.

Advising on specialist partnerships, e.g. Doctors and Farmers Our commercial solicitors have years of experience in assisting and advising specialist partnerships, such as Doctors Practices and farms, on all aspects of partnership law and practice. We understand the specialist arrangements and rules specific to your practice.

Reviewing and amending existing partnership agreements We are happy to update your partnership agreement when needed and can quickly advise you on what changes, if any, are needed. It is always good practice to have your agreement reviewed every few years. If amendments are needed, then we will focus our careful drafting skills to sort this out for you.

Sale of the business We are experienced in selling all sorts of businesses, including partnerships. We will make the business sale process as smooth as possible for you, and liaise with specialists, such as your accountants, when needed.

Partnership disputes At Goody Burrett our commercial solicitors have dealt with resolving numerous partnership disputes. We can advise on the parties’ rights and on how best to resolve matters. If help is needed from our litigation specialists, then we will bring them in when needed.

Resignation or retirement of partners A good partnership agreement will provide for the retirement or resignation of a partner. If there is no written agreement, then the terms of the Partnership Act 1890 apply and partners can resign with immediate effect, which is far from ideal. We can assist if any advice is needed on the parties’ respective rights or if a dispute arises. We can draw up a deed of resignation to deal with any agreed issues.

New partners joining the partnership When a new partner is joining an existing partnership, he or she should sign up to the partnership agreement. If may need reviewing if it has not been updated in a while. We can do that and draw up the deed of adherence that is required.

Expelling a partner When disputes arise, sometimes there is the need to expel a partner. This can be done if the terms of the partnership agreement permit it. If not, a dissolution of the partnership may be needed, along with the partners who wish to continue together setting up a new partnership. We can help you with this.

Advising on the law relating to partnerships and the rights and duties of partners We can assist you on all aspects of partnership law. Just get in touch with our specialists.

David Cammack

Solicitor and Notary Public, Commercial Department, Colchester

David is a qualified solicitor and notary public. David qualified as a solicitor in 1995, as a notary in 2004 and was a partner in Birkett Long until 2015 when he left to found the Internet legal business, Legalo.  David now divides his time between acting as a notary, managing Legalo and advising clients of GoodyBurrett as a solicitor-consultant.

Email: [email protected]

“David has provided corporate advice to a number of my clients. I can testify to his eye for detail & his ability to see the flaw or hitch, if there is one, in the best laid schemes.”

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