Top five reasons for delays in the Conveyancing process – and how you can try to avoid them!

There are many causes of delays in the Conveyancing process, below are the top five causes and the ways in which we can work together to avoid them.

  1. Someone in the chain pulling out

One of the biggest causes of delay in the Conveyancing process is caused by somebody else in the chain pulling out of their sale or purchase. Unfortunately, this is one of the most frustrating delays as it is often difficult to avoid. Being flexible as to the completion date and responding to enquiries quickly so that any issues can be dealt with can help to avoid this.

  1. Returning papers

A delay which is completely avoidable on the other hand, is when buyers / sellers do not prioritise returning initial paperwork (and funds on account) to their fee earner. A solicitor cannot begin acting for someone until signed paperwork and funds on account are supplied.  Ensuring that you read the initial paperwork carefully, signing it and returning it to us (with the requested sum) at the earliest opportunity enables us to commence acting on your file straight away. Remember: we cannot prepare or receive the contract pack on your transaction until you have returned these documents to us.

  1. Local Authority searches

Local Authority searches take the longest of all the searches to be returned to solicitors. Some areas locally take 2 -3 weeks to return the information we request. Whilst unfortunately you cannot demand that the Local Authority prioritise your search, ensuring that you instruct us as soon as possible and putting us in sufficient funds to be able to issue the searches on your behalf means that the Local Authority search can be issued at the earliest opportunity; the sooner the search is issued, the sooner it will be returned.

  1. Mortgage offer expiring

Mortgage offers are usually valid for between three to six months, if your mortgage offer expires before the legal requirements of purchasing the property are complete, a new mortgage offer will need to be obtained. The expiry date of your mortgage offer should be kept in mind during the transaction, and we will make a note of this date on your file. If the expiry date is getting close and we advise you that the legal requirements for the transaction will not be completed in time, you may be able to ask your mortgage company to extend the mortgage offer for you. Keeping us up to date with the situation can ensure that this does not lead to a delay.

  1. Obtaining the management pack for leasehold properties

A management pack for a leasehold property is produced by the managing agent acting for the management company. Sometimes we also need a pack from the landlord too. Obtaining the management packs can often cause a delay due to the volume of information that must be supplied. Ensuring a timely request for the management pack to be provided can minimise the delay; provision of a management pack incurs a cost and accordingly, ensuring that you have provided the funds necessary for obtaining the pack to us as soon as possible can minimise the delay.

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