Training Contracts / Experience

Training Contract -Overview

GoodyBurrett LLP are committed to providing a comprehensive training contract. 

We set six criteria in our selection process:

  1. the candidate will have targeted GoodyBurrett specifically;
  2. the candidate will wish to do "High Street" law;
  3. the candidate will be a potential Partner;
  4. the CV will "add value";
  5. the candidate will usually have spent time on a GoodyBurrett work experience programme;
  6. the candidate will have a connection with Colchester or East Anglia.

GoodyBurrett LLP are signatories to the Law Society inclusion charter to show our commitment to equality and diversity.

Work Experience -Overview

At GoodyBurrett we are eager to meet individuals with an interest in the law and who want to become solicitors.  We offer a work experience programme during the summer months for a period of two weeks at a time.  We accept applications from September of each year to the end of the following February, for work experience during the next Summer.

To be eligible to apply you must be completing or have completed your legal studies.

When considering your application we look for the following:

  1. You will have targeted GoodyBurrett specifically;
  2. You will want to do 'High Street' law;
  3. Your CV will 'add value';
  4. You will have connections with Colchester or East Anglia.

Applications are made by CV with covering letter to Cate Cussell.

Did you know..?

The current maximum weekly payment for redundancy from 1st October 2012 is £430.