Mediation Services


GoodyBurrett LLP subscribe to the use of Mediation for the early resolution of disputes and work in conjunction with GLEAMED in order to achieve this.

Greater London & East Anglia Mediation LLP (GLEAMED) specializes in providing mediation services to settle disputes throughout East Anglia and the adjacent London Boroughs. Their main office is located in the GoodyBurrett LLP building in Colchester and they also operate from other venues around East Anglia and in London. GLEAMED cover all types of dispute and can handle international, commercial and civil (including contractual, boundary, property, personal injury, professional negligence), workplace and employment, family (including co-habitation) and community matters, which can be referred to us by individuals, firms, organisations, or the courts.

Alternative Dispute Resolution, of which Mediation forms an important part, provides an alternative to Court litigation offering a faster and less expensive way of resolving disputes. The process is governed by a Mediation Agreement and Rules, and a Mediation Settlement is enforceable if written down and signed by those concerned.

GLEAMED is a Mediation Provider with its own panel of experienced, accredited and insured Mediators, and well established links to a wider community of similar, external Mediators. GLEAMED mediators are members of either the Civil Mediation Council or a recognised member organisation of the Family Mediation Council, meet required training standards, are fully insured, adhere to the European Union Code of Practice for Mediators, and come from a variety of professional backgrounds.

Mediation is a well established process for resolving disagreements in which an impartial third-party (the Mediator) helps people in dispute to find a mutually acceptable resolution using a faster, less costly and stressful alternative to a Court hearing. Everything discussed in a mediation remains confidential and is without prejudice to any subsequent proceedings.

GLEAMED offer mediation for International, Commercial, Civil, Workplace, Community and Family disputes, which include but is not confined to Contractual, Boundary, Personal Injury & negligence, Employment, Cohabitation and Property related matters.

What our client's say:
"The mediation was good value for the amount paid."
"I wish to record my thanks to you for your very professional approach and effort on this matter. It was I believe a good result for both sides."
"A wonderful example of how to stay focused on the point and keep the parties searching for a solution."
“I was, and remain, extremely impressed with the benefits of mediation."

To find out more please contact us or visit their website at www.gleamed.co.uk



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